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Early Mediation Dates

 The HRTO sometimes has dates available for mediation due to late rescheduling requests, adjournments or settlements. You can ask for an early mediation date if all parties have agreed to mediation and you are able to agree on dates within four weeks of your request.

Please make your request for an early mediation date by sending an email to the Registrar, copied to all other parties, and using the following format for the subject line:

         Re:      Request for early mediation date
                     HRTO File No:

Please note: Your request will not be considered unless: 

- the scheduling request relates to a mediation, not a hearing
- the email clearly states that all parties have agreed to the dates
- the dates are within four weeks of the request for scheduling

You will be notified if the HRTO is able to find an early date for you. If not, your mediation will remain on the calendar or in the regular scheduling queue if it has not yet been scheduled