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Message From the Associate Chair

 On behalf of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), I am pleased to welcome you to our website.

The HRTO is established under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Since June 2008, all claims of discrimination under the Code are dealt with through applications filed directly with the HRTO. The HRTO’s primary role is to provide an expeditious and accessible process for resolving those applications through voluntary mediation or, where the dispute is not resolved through mediation, a hearing and enforceable decision.
On January 25th, 2011, the HRTO became part of the social justice tribunals cluster which brings together the HRTO and six other important adjudicative tribunals –the Landlord and Tenant Board, Social Benefits Tribunal, Child and Family Services Review Board, Custody Review Board, Special Education (English) Tribunal and Special Education (French) Tribunal. The mandate of these tribunals is to provide all Ontarians with timely access to specialized, expert and effective dispute resolution in a wide range of matters that profoundly affect their everyday lives.
The cluster is led by Executive Chair Michael Gottheil. The former Chairs of the seven adjudicative tribunals were re-designated as Associate Chairs. You may find more information about the Executive Chair, the social justice tribunals cluster, its structure and access to the seven tribunals’ websites at www.sjto.gov.on.ca.
Since 2008, the HRTO has had the role of receiving and processing Applications filed directly with it under the Code. With the experience we have gained since then, the HRTO continues to adapt our processes and rules to improve their effectiveness in resolving human rights disputes. Those processes ensure that each party is treated with respect, and that applications are addressed in a neutral and timely manner, with a procedure appropriate to the issues raised in the case.
I am proud to be part of an organization made up of committed staff and adjudicators dedicated to high standards of public service. We will continue to work hard to meet the community’s expectations in accordance with our core values and mission statement.
Yola Grant
Associate Chair